Mineraluxe Hot Tub Water Care

The Mineraluxe Hot Tub Care System works off the concept of Fusion Science.  Focused on prevention, the unique fusion of the all-natural mineral technologies in the Mineraluxe Cube will control and remove scale better than any other system.  Using its unique anionic properties, Mineraluxe is able to work its way into existing scale formations, lifting them from surfaces where they are filtered out (remove).  Next, the mineral composition works to prevent new deposits from forming (repel).  The net result of this ‘remove and repel’ technological wonder is a cleaner hot tub environment that is easier to maintain and enjoy.


  • Gentle on skin
  • Built-in moisturizers make it feel like a velvet glove is being wrapped around your body
  • Significantly reduces the hard, dry effects of soaking in a hot tub
  • Like a mineral bath after a spring rain


  • Replaces the need for many traditional hot tub care products (stain and scale products, enzyme cleaners, water conditioning agents, clarifiers)


  • Once a week just add one cube + one pouch + maintain the pH and chlorine or bromine level
  • A degree in chemistry is not required!

You’ll love the cool micro-bubble enhancement effect! One of the coolest aspects of the Mineraluxe System is the effect the mineral composition has on water.  Depending on the strength of the pump and the concentration of air being injected for hydrotherapy, this can activate the ability of your Mineraluxe system to improve the hydrotherapy experience through ‘micro-bubble enhancement’.  The dramatic reduction in the size of air bubbles creates a more intense experience and causes them to reside longer in the hot tub water.  Once the pumps are turned off, the micro bubbles percolate back out of the water, restoring its crystal clear appearance.  In addition, the tiny bubbles help the hydrotherapy by increasing circulation and they even help with exfoliation! These are some of the unique advantages of the Mineraluxe System, and its mega pampering effect!

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