Service & Construction Employment Opportunities 2022

Job Title: Range from Foreman to Labourer with multiple positions available
Location: Aylesford, Nova Scotia
Reports to: Director, Service and Construction
Start Date: April 2022
Compensation: $14.50 to $26.00 per hour

Job Opportunities:
Our experienced team is expanding, and we have a range of opportunities available. The pool Service & Construction Divisions are
adding crew members at all levels, from labourer to foreman.
All positions work from our Aylesford location, with a 7AM start time. Travel to and from job sites is in company vehicles and is fully paid time.
At the foreman level:
• We are looking for someone with a transferable skillset, a trade of some sort potentially, that is interested in a career as a pool builder. This position will work alongside experienced builders, with opportunity to advance and be a leader in the
• Starting out this position will work within the team, hands on, and will be taught the foundational pieces of pool building. As the season progresses, so will the training, with the goal of learning the building processes this season. As that advancement
happens, more opportunity to lead will be there, as the expectation is not to run a crew on the first day.
• A good work ethic, a good attitude, and ability to roll with the flow is important. Service and Construction are separate divisions in our company, but work closely together, and depending on the day and what is going on, crew members may work in both divisions.
At a Pool Service Technician or Pool Builder level:
• Experienced but not ready for foreman responsibilities, we have opportunities to work with the team, learn pool construction and or pool service, and expand your skillset.
• Pool service crews are generally two person crews, with one as the lead and one as the helper. For someone new in this position, we schedule the crew for standard service calls, and do not expect you to complete advanced level pool service tasks. We also focus on local work or aim to have another crew in the area if it is not local, providing a support network if unforeseen challenges come up.
• On the construction side, the more capable you are, the more that we will teach you to do. Experience working on a concrete or landscaping crew? Well, our construction team also does the hardscapes and fence work around our pools, with a wide range of things to learn and progress into.
• At this level, a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and a person that people want to work with is the key.
At the Junior Pool Service Technician or Labourer level:
• Limited or no experience and wanting to work with your hands? We have openings there as well.
• On the pool service side, this position would be as a second on a crew, and being a good crewmate is important.
• On the construction side, as a labourer the position works with the pool crews and depending on the day will depend on the tasks. This level is still very involved in the pool building, but is not tasked with the more advanced aspects of the build.
• Ideal for a university student that wants to work outdoors with their hands for the season, and work until the end of August before returning to school.
Working Conditions:
These positions work from our Aylesford location, and travel to job sites from there in company vehicles and as paid time. Workdays start at 7AM in-season (a little later at the very beginning and very end of the season) and the workday goes until the work is done.
Monday to Friday are the general work days, with occasional weekend work required if we fall behind due to weather.
Physical Requirements:
General construction site tasks, including the ability to lift and carry at least 50 lbs.
About Us:
Holland Home Leisure is a family owned and operated business, providing pools, hot tubs, swim spas, outdoor furniture, and BBQ’s to backyards, and helping people Vacation at Home! With a focus on customer service, we have been the leading full-service pool and spa company in the region for the past 40 years and operate from our retail location in New Minas and our service and construction department at our Aylesford location. We hold a number of staff events throughout the year, with the Family Summer Staff party being the main event. We are looking for great people that want to be part of the team and want to be proud to tell their family and friends where they work at Holland Home Leisure. We offer a great employment package and look forward to someone joining our team!
To Apply:
Send your resume to or drop it off at our New Minas or Aylesford locations. Those being invited for an interview will be contacted.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!