Bromine Granules
Bromine Granules

Bromine Granules

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Dazzle Bromine Granules controls bacteria and algae in hot tubs.  An alternative to chlorine.

  • Ideal for regular hand feed application and for a periodic boost to the sanitizer level
  • Always maintain bromine between 3-5ppm (Health Canada recommendation)
  • Granular product, to apply simply sprinkle over the surface of the water with the jets on

How does Bromine work to keep your water safe?

Bromine, like chlorine, is recognized by Health Canada to keep the water safe from bacteria and water-borne illnesses.  The bromine that you dissolve into your hot tub water combines with bacteria and other organics in the water on a molecular level to kill these harmful contaminants. 

Pro Tip: Always test the bromine level prior to entering the hot tub!

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