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Regal Unstabilized Chlorine 18kg (dosing is the same - compatible will all types of pools)

Power Chlor: For chlorine pools only.  Dosing is half of the requested dose of Burnout.  Applied to the skimmer only.

BioGuard Burnout3 is a patented, multifunctional product that can be used to kill bacteria and unsightly algae, and help clear up cloudy water.
• Chlorine type is 57.9% Calcium Hypochlorite
• Can be used as a daily chlorine sanitizer, or to shock swimming pool water
• Recommended to be pre-dissolved prior to adding
• Best results if added at night
• This is an unstabilized chlorine. Chlorine residuals can be protected from destruction by the sun’s rays with proper stabilizer levels. Have your stabilizer level tested regularly.

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