Dazzle Traditional Pool Closing Kit

Dazzle Traditional Pool Closing Kit

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Winter closing water care kit for pools.

Treats pools up to 80,000 liters. 

Perfect for pools using Mineraluxe!

Includes:  Dazzle Ultra Shock and Dazzle Algae Clear 60

Prior to using the Dazzle Closing Kit:

1.  Always have your water professionally tested at Holland Home Leisure an follow instructions to ensure that proper water balance is achieved. Proper water balance ensures that water treatment products work the way they are supposed to and protects your pool's surfaces from premature degradation.

2. Always brush and vacuum your pool to ensure it is free of physical debris and wall-clinging dirt and algae prior to closing.

3. Adjust sanitizer residuals (chlorine or bromine) to the proper level.

4. Clean you filter with Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse.


How to use the Dazzle Closing Kit:

These steps can be performed before lowering the water level for winter or after.  When applying these products, apply very slowly and sparingly around the edges of the pool and be sure to brush the pool thoroughly to ensure proper mixing. Do this following each product application.

1.  Shock the pool with Dazzle Ultra Shock. Broadcast Ultra Shock directly into the pool water or pre-mix in a pail of water and pour around the edges of the deep end. If possible, apply a minimum of 1 hour prior to securing the winter cover.  If the pump and filter are still operating, this product can be applied slowly to a clean skimmer.  brush floor immediately after application to ensure quick dissolving of the active ingredient. Dazzle Ultra Cleanse removes trace chloramines, nutrients and organics that could lead to algae formation and/or hazy/cloudy water.

2. Control algae with Dazzle Algae Clear 60. 1 hour following the Dazzle Ultra Shock application, apply concentrated Dazzle Algae Clear 60 directly to the pool water, pouring around the edges of the pool.  Dazzle Algae Clear 60 prevents and kills troublesome algae in pool water.


If you used the Dazzle Closing Kit for winterizing your pool, purchased from Holland Home Leisure, get your water Holland Home Leisure tested and balanced prior to closing, and you open your pool in the spring with an algae problem, Holland Home Leisure will provide you with an algae removal treatment (shock, algicide and clarifier) at no cost to you! Performance guaranteed! Talk to us at Holland Home Leisure for more details.

NOTE: This guarantee applies to pools closed after September 15th and opened before May 24th. This guarantee does not apply to pools closed without a cover, closed with a damaged cover or closed with a mesh/safety cover.  Again, this guarantee requires the pool be properly balanced prior to closing with Holland Home Leisure.