Mineral Springs Renewal - Case of 4

Mineral Springs Renewal - Case of 4

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Sold Out! Renewal adds a bit of salt, stain and scale inhibitors, pH reducer and water softeners. Instead of Renewal, try Pristiva Primer!  It's added just once per month and replaces the need for stain & scale inhibitors and algicide (Banish).

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Pristiva Ongoing Maintenance:

Maintain salt with Pristiva Premium salt (instead of Mineral Springs Beginnings)

Once per month add Pristiva Primer (instead of Renewal, Banish and initial Scale Defender)

Once per month add Pristiva Premium Shock (instead of Smart Shock!)

Mineral Springs Renewal helps maintain water balance by reducing pH that naturally increases in salt pools and incorporates a clarifier that keeps your water sparkling and brilliant.  It is also specially formulated with water softening agents to reduce build-up of scale deposits in your pool, including your chlorine generator cell, pumps, ladders and heaters.  Renewal leaves your pool feeling silky smooth while protecting your swimming pool investment.

  • Used as a weekly or bi-weekly maintenance product for the Mineral Springs salt program
  • Contains salt, a scale inhibitor, clarifier, pH adjuster and water softener