pHin Smart Water Monitor
pHin Smart Water Monitor
pHin Smart Water Monitor

pHin Smart Water Monitor

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pHin is Easy to Use and Set Up


pHin is a smart water monitor with an app that measures your pool, hot tub or spa’s temperature, sanitizer and pH levels over 1000x each week, analyzes the data and creates recommendations based on the water’s quality.


pHin also prompts you to dip a monthly test strip when it’s time to determine your water’s cyanuric acid, total hardness and total alkalinity levels and quickly provides a detailed water report with actionable information.


You get a free year of the monitoring service when you purchase a pHin Smart Water Monitor.

The monitoring Service includes:

  • Water history charts
  • Easy, accurate chemical dosing directions
  • Alerts for when attention is needed
  • Tests for total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid monthly or as needed
  • Shareable water data for in-person help or to order new chemicals from Holland Home Leisure
  • Unlimited pHin monitor replacement in case of failure