SaltScapes Cell Cleaner

SaltScapes Cell Cleaner

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The environment within your cell can cause chalky white scale to form on the cell over time, decreasing the chlorine output. SaltScapes Cell Cleaner is highly effective at removing calcium carbonate scale, calcium phosphate scale, and calcium sulphate scale.  It works quickly to remove built-up scale to restore optimal generator efficiency.

Salt Water pools are favored for their simple and gentle approach, but they do have unique maintenance needs compared to traditional chlorine pools.  SaltScapes Salt Water Pool Care is the professional choice to address the challenges of chlorine generators and impact of salt chlorination on water conditions.  SaltScapes includes everything you will need to keep the water sparkling and protect equipment and surfaces.

  • Clean your cell at least once a season, but do a visible check for scale monthly
  • Works in 15-30 minutes

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