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SaltScapes Scale Defender

SaltScapes Scale Defender

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Low Inventory! Try our alternative, Dazzle Stain and Scale Cleanse. Click the image to learn more!

SaltScapes Scale Defender binds to calcium-based scale crystals to prevent them from sticking together and clumping on surfaces.  This results in a cleaner cell that won’t have to work as hard to keep your chlorine level within ideal range.

  • Spring Opening: 1 Bottle per 40,000L
  • Also used for prevention monthly if you experience high calcium levels in your pool.

Salt Water pools are favored for their simple and gentle approach, but they do have unique maintenance needs compared to traditional chlorine pools.  SaltScapes Salt Water Pool Care is the professional choice to address the challenges of chlorine generators and impact of salt chlorination on water conditions.  SaltScapes includes everything you will need to keep the water sparkling and protect equipment and surfaces.

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