SaltScapes SunShield Stabilizer

SaltScapes SunShield Stabilizer

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SaltScapes SunShield Stabilizer protects generated chlorine from sunlight, allowing it to last longer and be less demanding on your system.

  • Always test the stabilizer at spring start-up, then monthly throughout the swimming season.
  • Ideal level is 30 ppm

Did you know?  Generators produce unstabilized chlorine from the salt, which degrades rapidly in the sun.  By stabilizing the chlorine being produced you help to dramatically extend the life of your cell.

Salt Water pools are favored for their simple and gentle approach, but they do have unique maintenance needs compared to traditional chlorine pools.  SaltScapes Salt Water Pool Care is the professional choice to address the challenges of chlorine generators and impact of salt chlorination on water conditions.  SaltScapes includes everything you will need to keep the water sparkling and protect equipment and surfaces.