Spa Essentials Chlorinating Tablet 2kg

Spa Essentials Chlorinating Tablet 2kg

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1" stabilized chlorine tab, designed to go into a floating dispenser, which dissolves at a slow and consistent rate to sanitize hot tub water.

  • Always maintain a free chlorine reading of 3-5ppm (Health Canada recommendation)
  • Gentle on equipment

How does Chlorine work to keep your water safe?

Chlorine, like bromine, is recognized by Health Canada to keep the water safe from bacteria and water-borne illnesses.  The chlorine that you dissolve into your hot tub water combines with bacteria and other organics in the water on a molecular level to kill these harmful contaminants. 

Pro Tip: Always test the chlorine level prior to entering the hot tub!

This is a good replacement product for BioGuard Smart Tabs