Spa Lite - Various Sizes
Spa Lite - Various Sizes

Spa Lite - Various Sizes

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 Spa Lite is an easy and effective way to shock (or oxidize) hot tub water. Pre-packaged in one-dose bags makes it easy and convenient. Shocking your hot tub water

  • Compatible with either chlorine or bromine
  • One 35g bag treats up to 1500L of water
  • One 48g bag treats up to 2000L of water
  • Added weekly, or as needed
  • Suitable for all hot tub surfaces
  • To apply: sprinkle over the surface of the water with the jets on and cover off.

What is the purpose of shocking hot tub water?  Shocking removes un-filterable wastes (used chlorine or bromine, perspiration, etc) by breaking them down to a gas.  If these wastes build up in the water, the results is excessive foam, cloudy and stinky water.

Pro Tip:  Always leave the cover off after shocking to allow the gasses somewhere to go!