Standard Hibernate Closing Kit

Standard Hibernate Closing Kit

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BioGuard Hibernate Kit provides winter water protection for all pool types. 

  • Includes 946ml Hibernate Algicide and 2 bags of Hiber Shock
  • To be used with Pool Closing Complete
  • Treats pools up to 80,000 liters

Use a Bioguard Hibernate Kit to close your pool and you are GUARANTEED to open your pool free of visible algae in the spring.  Conditions:

  • You must have a recorded ALEX Water analysis completed at either Holland Home Leisure location, and properly follow instructions to balance the water prior to closing
  • Pool must be covered with a solid cover (no holes)
  • Guarantee does not apply to algae problems due to covers that have been dropped in the pool
  • Claims must be submitted by May 15th
  • This guarantee covers the cost of BioGuard’s algae destruction products (shock and algicide) equal to the retail value of the Hibernate Kit.

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