Synergy Half Kit

Synergy Half Kit

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Synergy is the easy way your keep your pool in perfect shape!  This pool water care program has been favored by our customers because of its ease of use, amazingly soft water that is easy on your skin, eyes and hair, and reliable performance.  Just add Synergy Initiator (sold separately) at the beginning of the season, and your pool is ready to begin with the Synergy System

  • Synergy Half Kit includes ten 250g bags of Synergy Clear and one 2.5kg bottle of Synergy Tabs.
  • This kit will treat most pools under 50,000 liters for 10 weeks.
  • Have your water tested at Holland Home Leisure at the beginning of the season, and then monthly to check water balance.

Don't forget to refresh your test strips! Test your chlorine level often to ensure your pool water stays safe and clear for you and your family. Also, don't forget to get Synergy Initiator in the spring! Click below to add test strips or Synergy Initiator to your cart.


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