Book Pool or Hot Tub Service

Our company started in the 1980’s as an in ground pool installation business called Holland Contracting. We have now evolved as Holland Home Leisure with two retail locations and a Service and Construction Department. Currently, we have three pool service crews, one hot tub crew and four construction crews. We range from fifteen to eighteen crew members and four office staff during May to October. We will now have 10 company vehicles and 6 trailers on the road. We service the Annapolis Valley, the HRM, the Yarmouth area, and the South Shore area of Nova Scotia.

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Our pool service crews are trained to perform the following tasks:

* Open and closing pools

* Pump and filter service and installation

* Cleaning sand or cartridge filters

* Leak detection

* Liner replacements

* Plumbing replacement

* Heat pump and solar panel installation

* Skimmer replacement

* Automatic systems

* Cover installation


Our hot tub crews are trained to perform the following tasks:

* Open and close tubs and swimspas

* Winterizing tubs and swimspas

* Draining, cleaning and re-filling tubs and swimspas

* Delivering hot tubs and swimspa

* Moving hot tubs

* Pump service

* Heater service

* Plumbing replacement