Hot Tub Buyers Guide Checklist

Before the store:

  • Write out your hot tub wish list with the family; ‘must-haves,’ ‘would be nice’ and ‘if budget allows.’
  • Speak with friends and family who have a hot tub, get their advice.
  • Find independent third-party hot tub reviews online.
  • Plan out your budget for the hot tub:
    • Cost of the hot tub
    • Installation/delivery cost
    • Pad and electrical
  • Write out any questions you may have.
  • Take some photos of where you want the hot tub to go.
  • Search for dealers in your area.
  • Reach out to the dealer, some may want to schedule an appointment, so they have the time needed to properly review the purchase with you.


At the dealer:

  • Have your wish list, photos, and questions ready to go.
  • Plan to have some time to talk. Presentations can take between 30-60 minutes.
  • Narrow your selection down to 2-3 hot tubs that you like and that fit your needs.
  • Get in the tubs, see what’s most comfortable to sit/lay in.
  • Ask about sales, it never hurts to ask for better prices or upcoming deals.
  • Ask for what’s included with the tub:
    • Delivery and installation process.
    • Does the cover come standard?
    • Is there a cover lifter?
    • Does it come with a step?
  • Get a written quote, with delivery/installation included to your address.
  • Take home a brochure, so you can easily remember the tubs when discussing your options.


When you are ready to buy:

  • Have your deposit ready to go.
  • If financing, you may need to have some documents like a driver’s license and your monthly housing costs with you.
  • Ask for an installation timeline from the dealer.
  • Sign the contract and agreements, when you feel comfortable saying ‘yes.’ Don’t forget to request your copies.
  • Ask for an installation guide, to prepare your site for delivery.


Getting ready for your installation: Remember, do this early as tradespeople can take time to book:

  • Decide where you want to put the hot tub, as well as the orientation for the best view.
  • Contact an electrician and get a quote. You will need:
    • GFCI wired to panel in the home.
    • Wire run from GFCI to the hot tub. Pay close attention to the GFCI and wire requirements.
  • Prepare your base pad. Remember, if pouring concrete, it takes time to cure.
  • Let your dealer know you are ready for your new hot tub!


Delivery Day:

  • Try to have someone home to work with the delivery crew and ensure proper placement and hook-up.
  • Have your garden hose hooked up, or a water truck arranged to fill the tub.
  • Get an on-site lesson on the basics of the hot tub.