Meet our Team!

Incorporated almost 50 years ago, Holland Home Leisure has a long history of helping people 'Vacation at Home', as the largest Pool and Hot Tub company in Nova Scotia. I am now the third President & CEO in the company’s history and am proud to be part of the best team in the industry! Our strategy is a simple, balanced model of: A Fanatical Focus on Customers, A Fanatical Focus on Employees, and A Fanatical Focus on Numbers. With 46 team members, and countless backyard dreams made into a reality, we are helping people enjoy their family time together. It is a fun team to lead, and everyday I am proud of how hard our people work, and how much fun they have while at work! Each season we continue to strive to do better, and I thank both our new and our long-standing customers for their continued support! If we have done great, we would love to hear it, and if we’ve fallen short, please let us know so we can make it right. Hoping everyone has a wonderful pool and hot tub season!

-Mark Van Zoost, Owner 

Mark Van Zoost

President / CEO

   Retail Staff:

Andrea Van Zoost


Craig McNutt

Senior Manager - Retail Operations

Sales & Marketing Divisions

Employee since 2009

Donny Van Zoost

Finance & Operations

Jennifer McGrath

Manager - Water Care Division

Employee since 2001

Katie Schofield

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Employee since 2007

Joff Fevens

Retail Operations Coordinator

Employee since 2018

Jessica Welton

Full-time Sales Associate

Employee since 2023

Amaya Freeman

Full-time Sales Associate

Employee since 2024

  Service & Construction:

Rick Rooseboom

Director of Construction

Employee since 1992


Kristi Huestis

Service Director

Employee since 2005

Holly MacKenzie

Construction Associate

Employee since 2017

Kyle Brown

Service Associate

Employee since 2019 

Matt Robichaud

Senior Construction Technician

Employee since 2002

Scott Saunders

Above Ground Crew Foreman

Employee since 2003

Darren Taylor

Construction Technician

Employee since 2007

Andrew Zwicker

Pool Technician

Employee since 2013

Dan Muise

Senior Hot Tub Technician

Employee since 2014

Jason Lohnes

Pool Technician

Employee since 2009