Preparing for the Storm



Trim branches and debris that could fall into your pool during the storm

Move all outdoor furniture / plants / accessories away from your pool or hot tub and store them inside

Remove all pool solar blankets and covers. Store them inside.

Remove automatic pool covers to prevent damage

Lock the strap buckles on your hot tub cover and add extra security with a hot tub Wind Strap or ratchet straps.

Remove plastic hot tub steps and store them inside

If your pool deck / surrounding area has poor drainage – consider lowering your water level a few inches in anticipation of heavy rainfall

Add extra shock and chlorine to your pool or hot tub

Turn off breakers to your hot tub and all electrical pool components

Call Holland Home Leisure if you have other preparation questions



Remove any large debris from the pool before using your pool vacuum

If larger debris enters your pool, monitor your water levels for a few days to ensure you have not damaged your liner

Check all electrical equipment and make sure it is dry before turning your breakers back on

Drain excess pool water using your “waste” or “drain” setting, not your “backwash” setting

Test pool and hot tub water and adjust water chemistry

Monitor your pool and hot tub systems for a few days to ensure there has been no damage, and everything is working well

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