Mineraluxe For Pools

Have you loved Mineraluxe in your hot tub?  You are going to love it in your pool! 

Healthier. Easier. Luxurious. 

Every TWO weeks:  Add Mineraluxe Advance Sticks, Shock with Mineraluxe Oxygen, and maintain chlorine or bromine as needed! A mineraluxe Kit with these three components will treat a 40,000 liter pool for 12 weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions:

 How easy is it to start using the Mineraluxe program in my pool?

  • So easy!  It can be used in any chlorine or bromine pool (apart from Pristiva Salt pools), and is compatible with ozonators, ionizers, etc.
  • Let us know what you are currently using in your pool so we can recommend the right products for you!

What is the advantage of these Mineraluxe Advance Sticks?

  • Less sanitizer needed for less cost, more convenience and peace of mind
  • Less sanitizer needed also means reduced water balancing time and costs
  • Crystal Clear water for more enjoyment
  • Improved protection against bacterial and algal infestations for less cost and better results
  • Protection from stains and scale for less work and cost
  • Squeaky clean surfaces and pipes for less work and more enjoyment
  • Softer, more comfortable water, for a better ownership and swimming experience
  • Filtration is optimized helping reduce need for chemicals
  • Overall enhanced pool experience for greater confidence and enjoyment

 Will they prevent algae?

 Yes. They will improve the pools overall resistance to algae by eliminating and preventing biofilm formation and increasing overall sanitizer efficiency. Advance Stick technology also reduces the risk of algae by making it substantially more difficult for algae to attach to surfaces.

 Will they reduce chlorine and how?

 The answer to this question is yes. Our field trials resulted in a dramatic reduction in sanitizer consumption. Sanitizer demand is reduced from a number of perspectives, most notably;

  1. The principals of fusion science significantly reduce sanitizer demand. When the unique elements in Advance Sticks ‘fuse’ to waste, allowing it to be filtered out, the result is less ‘matter’ that needs to be oxidized. As we know, the majority of sanitizer consumption is spent on oxidation, as opposed to killing microorganisms.
  1. The elimination and prevention of biofilm also reduces sanitizer demand. Biofilm mass can grow to a considerable extent in swimming pools, leading to significant sanitizer consumption through oxidative and sanitation efforts.

Are there biofilms in pools?

 Absolutely. A largely hidden menace, most pools would have biofilm formations that go unnoticed, yet harbour algal and other microorganisms, allowing for significant outbreaks when the pools maintenance system breaks down. Biofilm formation can be significant, yet largely invisible in the larger confines of a swimming pool when you consider the difficulties most pools have with proper circulation. Slopes in deep ends, around and under walk-in stairs, ladders, lights and other water features are safe harbours, out of the general flow of sanitizers and oxidizers. In addition, swimming pool piping is usually far more extensive than that of a hot tub, allowing for considerable growth since most pool maintenance systems are ineffective in these areas. 

Are biofilms and algae related?

 Yes. Biofilms are large masses that can consist of a single microorganism species (bacteria, algae, fungi, etc) or be a complex blend of many different species, intermixed. What they have in common is that they form and grow in wet or moist environments, they start from free-floating microorganisms that come in contact with an appropriate surface and attach themselves, and secrete a gooey substance, extracellular polymeric substance (EPS), that binds them together, providing protection for the host(s), attachment and an ideal environment for reproduction. Algae, growing in a mass on a wall or floating on the surface in a scum formation, is an example of an algal biofilm. 

Is this program cost effective?  Will it be too expensive for the majority of customers?

Our Mineraluxe Pool Care Kit includes Mineraluxe Advance Sticks, Mineraluxe Oxygen (shock) and Mineraluxe Sanitizing Sticks and will treat a 40,000 liter pool for 12 weeks, and pools up to 80,000 liters for 6 weeks.  The kit is $229.99 +hst.   As with any pool water care system, the water still needs to be balanced (pH, total alkalinity, calcium, stabilizer). Cleaner, clearer, more comfortable water, with less risk of algae and other problems, with a significant reduction in sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) consumption.  Less sanitizer (which affects pH and total alkalinity every time it is added) means less balancing over time!

It is our belief, and our field trials support this, that the reduction in annual sanitizer and water balancing products and the reduced risk of costly problems can significantly reduce or negate the cost of this product, while delivering significant performance advantages over other products and systems. If the total cost of water care is the focus, this product would definitely be cost effective, not to mention the significant benefits the product delivers.

 Does this replace my Pristiva salt pool program?

 The answer is No. Pristiva is the best system available for salt water swimming pools period. Utilizing fusion science principals just like Mineraluxe, Pristiva was designed specifically to handle the rigorous demands of a salt water pool.

Pristiva is also a comprehensive system that looks after the needs of a salt pool from a system perspective; 

  • managing the salinity level with the purest salt available on the market with Pristiva Premium Salt,
  • preventing stains and scale, protecting the chlorinator cell, enhancing water comfort and clarity and providing algae protection with Pristiva Primer, and
  • the best oxidizer for salt water swimming pools with Pristiva Premium Shock, when shocking is needed.

 Can Mineraluxe Advance Sticks be used in salt water pools that are not on the Pristiva System?

 Yes, definitely. Advance Sticks would enhance any salt pool that is not on the Pristiva system. Would it be as good as the Pristiva system, no, of course not, but it would definitely enhance what they are currently doing. 

Can I use regular Stain and Scale products or does this product have issues with other products?

For pools that follow the proper dosage recommendations for Mineraluxe Advance Sticks, Oxygen and Sanitizer , other stain & scale products, clarifiers, algicides and water enhancers would be unnecessary. Proper water balance is necessary and the use of premium quality Dazzle balancing products are recommended when needed.



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