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AFMng - Activated Filter Media, New Generation

AFMng - Activated Filter Media, New Generation

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On now... try AFMng in your filter and get a $50 Voucher for any Dazzle, Mineraluxe or Pristiva products! *

AFM® ng : Unique hydrophobic surface for advanced adsorption of organics and microplastics!

AFM® ng undergoes a new activation process to increase its surface area and to make it hydrophobic (non polar). Dryden Aqua has developed AFM® ng to remove organics and microplastics from the water. Any non polar chemical will be more difficult to dissolve into water and it will tend to float like oil, or be adsorbed on to a non polar hydrophobic surface.
Organic matters are the precursor for the formation of Trihalomethanes (THMs), including chloroform. Thanks to its large hydrophobic area and highly mesoporous structure, AFM® ng can filter much finer particles and approximately 50% more organic substances than sand. High filtration performance means less disinfectants are used, resulting in healthier water and better air quality at lower costs.


“*due to the weight of this product, it is subjected to a $40 delivery charge.  It does not qualify for free shipping on orders over $199.  Curbside pickup is available at our New Minas location only.  

** Voucher will be emailed. Can be used for future purchases of Dazzle, Mineraluxe or Pristiva Products.


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