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AquaRite S3 40K Gallon, In Ground

AquaRite S3 40K Gallon, In Ground

**Expert Line Product**

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AquaRite® S3 delivers superior salt chlorination with built-in pool control. AquaRite S3 provides more than just exceptional salt chlorination; it also provides enhanced sanitization and automation that scales with any pool.

  • Reduces chlorine expenditures by up to 50% by automatically converting salt to chlorine
  • Produces softer, silkier water that will not irritate eyes, dry out skin, or fade clothes
  • Superior salt chlorination, along with control over the amount of chlorine present, a heater, and a variable-speed pump via the built-in LCD color display
  • Salt cell with a clear TurboCell® S3 for simple inspection
  • Operates over a wide salt range (800–8000 ppm)
  • Abilities to detect pool covers
  • With auto voltage select, installation is simplified
  • If desired, the AquaRite S3 Omni Upgrade Kit (AQRS3OMNIKIT) makes it simple to upgrade to Omni® automation, sold separately.
  • A single-speed pump can be controlled by a Smart Relay (HLH485RELAY), sold separately  


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