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Pristiva Primer, 1kg

Pristiva Primer, 1kg

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Pristiva is the only research-based technology specifically created to optimize the salt water pool experience.  Pristiva Primer is the first and only technology that has been developed to optimize the salt water experience and minimize typical issues that develop in a salt water pool.  Pristiva Primer provides salt water pools with unparalleled, research-based protection against premature damage to the electronic Chlorine Salt Cell (ECG) and prevents staining and scaling.  It dramatically reduces corrosion in salt water pools with robust anodic protection of all metal fittings. 

Other Benefits: 

  • Increases the soft and silky feeling salt water pool consumers love! 
  • Optimizes the chlorine production of the ECG. 
  • Reduces the risk of algae infestations. 
  • Eliminates the need for stain and scale products, clarifiers, algaecides, and water softening products 


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