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Covana Horizon - Automated Hot Tub Cover

Covana Horizon - Automated Hot Tub Cover

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Available in Mocha

Greatly appreciated by consumers, especially because of its innovative, avant-garde tilt device, the Horizon model is an essential automated spa solution. Whether you're gazing at the stars of the evening sky or relaxing while you enjoy a daytime panoramic view, the Horizon model lets you benefit fully from your spa while protecting you from the sun's rays and bad weather.

The unique features of the Horizon model make it an essential solution for homeowners who want a distinctive outdoor layout, including installation of a spa that will impress with its luxurious, avant-garde look. Please note that the Covana Horizon only fits 7 and 8 foot hot tubs.

Why Choose a Covana Horizon?

  • The Horizon provides you peace of mind when you are away to ensure no one enters your spa
  • The Horizon can't blow off in the wind leaving you open to liability issues and leave your yard unsafe for small children and animals
  • With the Horizon, your spa can be opened or closed by simply turning the key, no matter the weather!
  • The Horizon will not need replacement after 2-3 years (the lifespan of a traditional hot tub cover) - it will last the life of your spa!
  • With the Horizon you save on chemicals and cost of heating water; Oasis is a sealed unit thereby keeping chemicals, heat and water from escaping
  • The Horizon holds up to 600 lbs of snow load
  • When closed, the Horizon does not obstruct your garden view, and when soaking, your view is not obstructed by a gazebo panel
  • The Horizon is not a permanent structure and does not require a building permit to install

This Covana Horizon is slate and white in colour and includes a 3 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

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