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Dazzle TA+ Alkalinity Plus

Dazzle TA+ Alkalinity Plus

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Alkalinity Plus is a pure, granular, non-toxic mineral that will increase your alkalinity. By raising your total alkalinity into ideal ranges, you can help to prevent "pH bounce", eliminate staining and scaling, prevent corrosion of pool equipment, enhance the effects of other pool chemicals, and reduces money and time spent on other chemicals and replacing pool equipment! 

How to Use: Broadcast recommended dosage across the surface of the pool with the pump running

  • Helps stabilize pH and prevents "pH bounce"
  • Prevents staining, scaling and corrosion of pool equipment
  • Elongates life of your chemicals and pool equipment
  • Ensures swimmer comfort by preventing skin and eye irritation
  • Works on many different pool sizes and types

Pro Tip: Always get your water tested before applying any balancers because it will save you chemicals, money and time spent incorrectly treating your pool! Also, always work on getting your total alkalinity within range before working on pH

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