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Easy Set Pool Water Care Package

Easy Set Pool Water Care Package

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This easy set pool water care package provides healthier treatments for your pool, compared to traditional water care programs!  The magic is in the Mineraluxe Advance Sticks!  They are a blend of different minerals that drastically reduces the amount of chlorine needed to maintain Health Canada's recommended 1-3ppm.  That stick also replaces traditional algicides, clarifiers, stain and scale inhibitors and water softeners. It will treat a 10,000 liter pool for an average two months!

Included in this package:

1 x Mineraluxe Starter Kit: Includes Mineraluxe Advance Sticks, Mineraluxe Sanitizing Sticks and Mineraluxe Oxygen (shock).

1 x Dazzle Test Strips

1 x 5" Floating Dispenser (for the Mineraluxe Advance Stick)

1 x 7" Floating Dispenser (for the Chlorine Stick)


*No substitutions.  Along with this treatment kit we recommend to balance your pH, total alkalinity, and add stabilizer.  We offer free water testing for our customers to help with this!

* Disclaimer: Filtration and circulation play a huge role in overall water care. We will not be held responsible if your water discolors from algae or metals in the water.  The filter and pump systems equipped on these pools may not be enough to clear water if you run into water quality issues.

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