Mineraluxe Hot Tub Water Care Package

Mineraluxe Hot Tub Water Care Package

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Are you a new hot tub owner? 

Bundle and save!

This tote includes products you need to start on the amazing Mineraluxe program for hot tubs.

***IMPORTANT*** Please let us know if you have a UV or Ozone sanitization system on your hot tub, as we will need to replace Bromine Granules for Amaze.

Click here for UV/Ozone Bundle


1 x One Month Mineraluxe Bromine Kit (Mineraluxe Cubes, Mineraluxe Oxygen, Mineraluxe Bromine Tablets

1 x Dazzle Bromine Granules 700g

1 x Dazzle TA+ 750g

1 x Dazzle TH+ 650g

1 x Dazzle pH+ 700g

1 x Dazzle pH- 950g

1 x Mineraluxe Test Strips (50/bottle)

1 x Bromine Tablet Feeder

Click below to take you to our YouTube page to learn all about taking care of your hot tub: