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Phos Cleanse for Spas

Phos Cleanse for Spas

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Dazzle Phos Cleanse is a phosphate remover for hot tub water.  High levels of phosphate in hot tub water can lead to a few problems that affect water quality and the surfaces of the tub.

  • Phosphates are nutrients for algae. High levels can promote algae growth, resulting in a larger amount of sanitizer needed to keep the water clear and safe.
  • Calcium phosphate scale is formed in water when minerals containing calcium ions combine with orthophosphate. The result hot tubs is an insoluble white scale on the surfaces and equipment. Precipitated calcium phosphate can lead to the destruction of heat exchangers by coating the heating elements — preventing heat from being dispersed and potentially burning the elements out.
  • Follow label instructions for best results.
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