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Pristiva Premium Shock, 475g

Pristiva Premium Shock, 475g

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Pristiva is the only research-based technology specifically created to optimize the salt water pool experience!  Pristiva’s Premium Shock is the first salt water pool oxidizer (shock) and clarifier formulated to optimize the salt water pool experience.  It cleanses and removes swimmer contaminants, organic waste and is designed to work in conjunction with and activate Pristiva’s Primer technology. 


Other benefits: 

  • Significantly reduces the demand on the ECG (electronic chlorine generator), extending the ECG cell life and reduces ECG scaling. 
  • Contributes a small amount of chlorine stabilizer (UV protection from the sun) 
  • Includes a natural stain preventer. 
  • Creates brilliant, dazzling water and adds water softeners to enhance swimmer comfort. 
  • Great as a problem-solving shock to treat cloudy water or algae infestations. 
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