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Pure+Simple Summer Maintenance Kit (Buy 2 and Save!)

Pure+Simple Summer Maintenance Kit (Buy 2 and Save!)

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Pure+Simple Pool Care System: Part 2 

Buy 2 Half Kits for $314.99!

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*Can be used in place of Synergy Kits and works with Synergy Initiator*

This box contains 2KG of Purify Sticks and 8 Bags of Purify Cleanse

Pure+Simple Pool Care System

Part 1: Pure+Simple Activator

Activate the Pure+Simple System at the start of the pool season. Added in the spring, and then as needed throughout the season, Activator prepares your water for the Pure+Simple System and sets the stage for the ultimate pool water experience. Activator is a unique blend of natural ingredients and high performance water enhancers that give you a spa-like bathing experience! It also enhances chemical efficiency and performance.  The result? Lower operating costs and and a fantastic bathing experience.

Part 2: Pure+Simple Summer Maintenance Kit 

Following the application of Activator, regular maintenance is as simple and easy as 2 steps, performed once per week. The Pure+Simple Summer Maintenance Kit includes the following:

1. Apply  Dazzle Pure+Simple Cleanse at a rate of 1 pouch per 40,000L.  Cleanse detoxifies and cleans water of common particulate and swimmer waste; oils, greases  and organics, that normally accumulate, leaving water dazzling clear, fresh and gentle. You can swim just 15 minutes after applying.

2. Apply Pure+Simple Purify Sticks to the pool skimmer or automatic chlorine feeder.  When Activator is maintained at the desired level, usage of Purify Sticks should be approximately 1 stick per 40,000L per week. These are chlorine sticks / tabs that keep your water properly sanitized, clean and inviting.



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