Pure+Simple Pool Care System - Part 2

Pure+Simple Pool Care System - Part 2

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Pure+Simple Pool Care System: Part 2 

Available in both Full Kits and Half Kits

*Can be used in place of Synergy Full or Half Kits and works with Synergy Initiator*

Pure+Simple Pool Care System

Part 1: Pure+Simple Activator (OR Synergy Initiator)

Activate the Pure+Simple System at the start of the pool season. Added in the spring, and then as needed throughout the season, Activator prepares your water for the Pure+Simple System and sets the stage for the ultimate pool water experience. Activator is a unique blend of natural ingredients and high performance water enhancers that give you a spa-like bathing experience! It also enhances chemical efficiency and performance.  The result? Lower operating costs and and a fantastic bathing experience.

Part 2: Pure+Simple Summer Maintenance Kit (Or Synergy Full /Half Kit)

Following the application of Activator (Or Synergy Initiator), regular maintenance is as simple and easy as 2 steps, performed once per week.  The Pure+Simple Summer Maintenance Kit includes the following:

1. Apply  Dazzle Pure+Simple Cleanse at a rate of 1 pouch per 40,000L. Synergy Clear can also be used at a rate of 1 pouch per 50,000L.  Cleanse detoxifies and cleans water of common particulate and swimmer waste; oils, greases  and organics, that normally accumulate, leaving water dazzling clear, fresh and gentle. You can swim just 15 minutes after applying.

2. Apply Pure+Simple Purify Sticks (Or Synergy Tabs) to the pool skimmer or automatic chlorine feeder.  When Activator (or Synergy Initiator) is maintained at the desired level, usage of Purify Sticks should be approximately 1 stick per 40,000L per week. If using Synergy Tabs instead, usage is approximately 15-20 tabs per 40,000L per week. These are chlorine sticks / tabs that keep your water properly sanitized, clean and inviting.