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Fall head over heels for Solei! Don't have to add chlorine stabilizer ever again! A nat'ral product that uses sunlight to create powerful Hydroxyl Radicals for clean & clear H2O. No more preventative shock treatments. No need for Stabilizer. Lessens use of Chlorine, Bromine, & Water Balancers (pH, Total Alkalinity). Cut down on problem-solving products. You get optimized results - water clarity & comfort. Solei can be used with any maintenance program, ask us how to fit it in!

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What's Unique About Solei?

Solei performs 2 primary functions in pool water:

  1.  Allows you to use the 'power of the sun' for continuous oxidation (shocking). It replaces preventative, maintenance shock treatments, and limits shocking to the unlikely event there is a problem.
  2. A natural and better replacement for traditional chlorine stabilizer. Never add stabilizer again!

Here's How It's Applied

  • Initial Application: 1 bottle per 80,000L of water.
  • Regular Maintenance: 1/4 bottle per 80,000L of water.
  • Regular maintenance will intensify the product's performance, leading to better and better results throughout the pool season.
  • Apply directly to the pool by pouring along the edges or in front of the return jet.

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