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Titan Heat Pump

Titan Heat Pump

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Over-sized air heat collectors matched with industry leading designed water heat exchangers are utilized to transfer FREE HEAT, present in outdoor air, to warm your pool water.

The high efficiency compressor and fan motor require only a fraction of electricity to operate, compared to the heat energy that is transferred from the air to the water.

 This unique design difference can save pool owners up to 80% in heating costs compared to alternative heating systems.

The Titan will typically provide 4 to 5 units of free energy for each 1 unit of energy consumed to operate.

Sizing Guide:
Ti1 - Up to 65,000 L 
Ti2 - Up to 85,000 L
Ti3 - Up to 115,000 L
Ti4 - Up to 130,000 L

*Please note; this is a guide only and factors like sun-exposure, desired temperature, pool cover usage and others can effect the sizing of a pool heaters. Please ask our experts in the chat for proper sizing if you are unsure* 


Strong warranties on all Titan products! 

Titan pool heaters are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects in workmanship & materials for two (2) full years beginning from the date of purchase.

In addition, the COMPRESSOR is warranted against manufacturing defects for FIVE (5) years from the date of purchase.

The heat exchanger TITANIUM TUBE has a LIFETIME chemical corrosion warranty.


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