Collection: Covana Hot Tub/Swim Spa Cover

Covana is a fully automated Hot Tub/Swim Spa cover that locks securely to your spa. When you want to remove it simply turn the key and watch the cover lift automatically, turning your hot tub or swim spa into a gazebo. 

Benefits and features of a Covana:

- Fully automated removal process

- Combines as a cover and gazebo roof allowing you to use your hot tub or swim spa all 4 seasons with protection from the elements and the sun

- Safely locks and fully covers your hot tub or swim spa, allowing full control of who accesses the spa

- Optional retractable shades give a pleasant feeling of intimacy and protect from the elements (for certain models only)

- Water-tight seal minimizes water evaporation therefore saving water, energy and maintenance products costs while also providing above-industry standard insulation value to keep the water at the temperature of your choosing

- Made with durable materials and will last as long as your hot tub or swim spa

- Innovative design looks great in your backyard when the cover is lifted and when closed, does not obstruct your garden view

- Adjustable to fit most hot tubs and swim spas

- Compatible with multiple electrical hook ups


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Covana Hot Tub/Swim Spa Cover