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Mineraluxe Complete Pool Care Kit

Mineraluxe Complete Pool Care Kit

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What's the upside of this kit? Spend less on sanitizer, save time, and breathe easy! Cut down on water balancing retention and costs Splash around in purity, guard against bacteria and algae, and never worry about pesky stains or scaling. You'll get squeaky clean pools and pipes, without the effort-- and softer, more comfy water to boot! Sit back, sip a margarita and enjoy your Mineraluxe pool!


Will Mineraluxe Advance Sticks prevent algae?

Yes. They will improve the pools overall resistance to algae by eliminating and preventing biofilm formation and increasing overall sanitizer efficiency. Advance Stick technology also reduces the risk of algae by making it substantially more difficult for algae to attach to surfaces.

Our rockin' field tests showed a major drop in chemical use. Fusion science gets the props here—our Advance Sticks 'fusing' with waste makes it easier to filter out, lowering the amount of 'stuff' that needs to be oxidized. Plus, less biofilm = less chlorine. Win-win!


Biofilm in pools? It's a real thing. A creepy, hidden danger, lurking in many pools, going unrecognized and causing a whole lotta trouble if maintenance slips. Biofilm can spread quickly, so when it comes to circulation, every pool's got a weak spot. Think: slopes in deep ends, around and under walk-in stairs, ladders, lights, and water features. And then there's pool piping—so much of it and so hard to reach, it's a playground for biofilm if maintenance ain't up to par.



Are biofilms and algae BFFs? Yep! Biofilms are huge communities made up of a single microorganism species (bacteria, algae, fungi, etc.) or a jumble of different species, all living together in wet or moist places. They form and grow when free-floating microorganisms get close to a good surface and stick, and then secret a slimy substance, called extracellular polymeric substance (EPS), which keeps them connected and gives them a cozy spot to hang out and reproduce. Algal biofilms are a perfect example, blooming and creating a green pool!


Using the Mineraluxe System Kit

As with any pool maintenance program, balance your water!  Ph, total alkalinity, calcium, and stabilizer (CYA)

Step 1: Mineraluxe Advance Sticks

• Mineraluxe Advance Sticks are to be applied every second week: Apply 1 Mineraluxe Advance Stick per 20,000 litres of pool water.

• Always apply directly into the skimmer basket with the pump operating.

• Remove the plastic wrap and always apply a complete Advance Stick. Avoid breaking the sticks and only applying portions.

Step 2: Mineraluxe Oxygen

• Immediately after the addition of the Mineraluxe Advance Sticks: Apply 1 pouch of Mineraluxe Oxygen per 40,000 litres of pool water.

• Cut the top of the pouch with scissors and sprinkle into the water with the pump running.

• Apply the product around the edges of the deep end, if possible.

• Circulate water and leave any cover off for a minimum of 1 hour.

Step 3: Mineraluxe Sanitizer Sticks

• Apply Mineraluxe Sanitizer Sticks to maintain a consistent chlorine residual of 1–3 ppm.

• Usage should approximate 1 Sanitizer Stick per 40,000 litres per week

• Test your chlorine level with a reliable test kit and adjust application frequency to achieve the recommended level.

• Mineraluxe Sanitizer Sticks can be added to a chlorinator, skimmer, floating dispenser or other flow control method and allowed to slowly dissolve, adding a controlled amount of sanitizer to the water.

Step 4: Bonus – Jack’s Magic Super Pacs - Included free while supplies last!

• Each Super Pac will treat up to 80,000 litres for a two week period

• Apply by placing in the skimmer basket

• The wrap is a water soluble film that will totally dissolve leaving no residue or trace.


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