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Spa Complete

Spa Complete

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Size: 2.07L

From SpaGuard, Spa Complete is a highly concentrated 3-in-1 formula that keeps hot tub water amazing clear, softens the water, and keeps the water and surfaces clean.

  • Prior to starting with Spa Complete, clean your hot tub’s plumbing with a pipe cleaner (Swirl Away)
  • Spa Complete is most effective with properly balanced water (pH, total alkalinity and calcium). Test and establish at a fresh fill, and bring in a water sample monthly to Holland Home Leisure for testing and recommended adjustments.
  • It is compatible with the sanitizer of your choice (not included). Establish either a chlorine or bromine level at fresh fill and maintain at 3-5ppm (Health Canada recommendations).
  • Contains soothing lavender and eucalyptus extracts
  • One bottle lasts an average sized hot tub 3 months
  • Easy measuring using the bottle’s cap.
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